Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Playground!

Keep your eyes on the east end of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church. A Rainbow play system was put in place TODAY!

The money that St. Luke’s CrossWoods Sunday School children collected several years ago during their January missions month and the offerings collected during confirmation classes last year helped make a playground for the St. Luke’s ministries become reality along with other preschool and church families’ donations. More good news is that it is very possible that a Boy Scout will do site preparation as his Eagle Scout project. Additional donations will be needed for site prep and other equipment, but we have a wonderful start and hope to be ready for more work in the Spring!

The support from both preschool and church staff, the Church Council (including Exec), the Preschool Board, and Pastor Phil are very much appreciated. The children at St. Luke’s are going to enjoy this new play set!

The staff was eager to try out the new playset!

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