Thursday, November 12, 2009

Meet the Trailguide: Matt Roberts!

Welcome to the first Meet the Trailguide postOur Trailguides are critical parts to our Sunday School program.  They act as guides, advisors, friends and leaders for each Sunday School class and we are blessed to have them participate each week in CrossWoods.  Matt, today's Trailguide being spotlighted, also serves as the Children's Ministry representative on our church council and works with our Wednesday night programs as well.  So, please say hi to Matt! 

Trailguide Interview - Matt Roberts

Who are you?
My name is Matt Roberts. My wife, Kim, and I have 3 boys, and we live in Savage. I grew up in Bloomington, and have been a member of St. Luke's all my life.

What do you do outside of church?
I work for the family business fabricating ornamental iron work. When I'm not working, I'm usually kind of a homebody, at least until fall comes around. Then I really enjoy getting out hunting with at least one of my boys and the dog. I also love watching baseball, baking, and reading.

How many years have you been a Trailguide?
I'm going into my 5th year as a Trailguide.

What is the main reason that you volunteer in CrossWoods?
I enjoy being part of passing on a faith and traditions that were passed down to me. Growing up I can recall so many people that were part of shaping me, and many of those people were here at St. Luke's. I am grateful to have the opportunity to stand in and serve where others before me have served.

Who were your faith mentors in growing up?
My parents, Howard Rasmussen, and Tim Krieg, just to name a few. The thing all of these people have in common is that I don't believe they ever were necessarily aware they were teaching me anything about life, and faith. Most of what they passed on to me was by the examples they set, and the time they spent developing a sincere relationship with a boy that looked up to them very much. I still have (and need!) faith mentors in my adult life.

How has being a CrossWoods volunteer deepened your own faith?
I have become more familiar with the Bible stories we have studied. I believe the Bible gives glimpses of other peoples relationships with God over thousands of years. We are God's people, and knowing these stories helps me better understand what that means to me. The other thing that has deepened my faith is all the questions the kids ask. When the kids ask questions (and many of them are tough!), it really forces me to think more about what I believe- things I might not otherwise have thought of.

Would you share one story about your time in CrossWoods?
Not completely a Crosswoods moment, but without a relationship that developed in Crosswoods, this moment might have passed by unnoticed by me. Over the years I had gotten to somewhat know a student that was in another grade then the class I was trailguiding.

One day while I sat in worship, I noticed this then 5th grader going up for communion with their family. Having not yet gone through 1st communion class, there was an interaction between the child, parent, and pastor; some may be familiar with this. Child approaches pastor, pastor gets ready to give a communion wafer, child eagerly begins to hold out hand only to be foiled by parent who reaches out and gently pulls the childs hand back down to their side. I was amused to see we were not the only ones that did this little dance of sorts. There is a brief wordless exchange where I believe the child says "I am ready for this", and the parent says, "be patient- almost".

A month or so later, its Maundy Thursday, and I see this same student going up for communion, this time ready for their First Communion. The look on this young person's face after receiving communion was that of true joy, and I could tell the parents could see and feel it as well by the expression on their faces. I can't explain how moved I was at that moment; I have never before experienced a more meaningful communion, and I think of it often when I take communion now.

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