Monday, November 23, 2009


On Sunday a class of students were confirmed here at St. Luke's. This is a time that never fails to move me, even more so as these are students that I have worked with in my own time here. It is a beautiful thing to see teens willing to take on their own responsibilities in the church and to confess their own faith in Jesus Christ.

These are good kids. They work with the Sunday School kids. Many volunteer through our Teens in Ministry (TIM)team. I am grateful to have seen these children and parents thrive through the process of confirmation and I am thrilled to have even a small part of it.

As a parent Confirmation is moving too. It often is presented like a graduation, but it is more than that. This is a declaration of faith that the children make, and likewise the parents promise to continue to walk with them on the path to faith - side by side now, together.

It is true, some of these students may drop away from the church - for a short time or for longer. But the church remains a part of their life and one day they will realize the impact that confirmation and their parents had on their faith.

But whether they stay or go, it is always a lovely thing to watch them proclaim that they believe that Jesus Christ is Lord.

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