Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Prayer

Halloween is a fun holiday to celebrate with your family.  This week when you are carving pumpkins consider using this prayer with your family.  Consider making one of these pumpkins to go along with your traditional Jack O' Lanterns this year!  (I'm unable to find a copyright source of this due to its prevalence on the internet).

The Pumpkin Carving Prayer
Dear God,
As I carve my pumpkin help me say this prayer:

Open my mind so I can learn about You;
(Cut the top of the pumpkin)

Take away all my sin and forgive me for the wrong things I do.
(Clean out the inside)

Open my eyes so Your love I will see;
(Cut the eyes out in heart shapes)

I'm so sorry for turning up my nose to all you've given me.
(Cut a nose in the shape of a cross)

Open my ears so your word I will hear.
(Cut the ears shaped like the Bible)

Open my mouth so I can tell others You're near
(cut the mouth in the shape of a fish)

Let Your light shine in all I say and do! Amen.
(Place a candle inside and light it)

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