Monday, September 14, 2009

Rally Day

Let's get this blog going! Yesterday was Rally Day here at St. Luke's and once again I was invigorated by the energy that comes when children and families are in the church. This year we made some big moves in Children's Ministry and with some creative space management we have moved all our classrooms down into the education wing! What a joy it was to see all of the children together in the CrossWoods hallway from the smallest 3 yr olds to the "cool" 5th graders.

It was great to touch base with the kids and hear what happened to them over the summer. I think most of them grew a foot at least! Their trailguides were pleased to see them again or for the first time. We'll be featuring our Trailguides here on the blog as we get going but they were very excited to see all of the kids here.

Rally Day was a wonderful time. The bouncers, balloons and facepainting was a huge hit. The photo booth led to some crazy antics (I have copies of the photos to prove it!). Still, my favorite part of the morning was when all the Sunday School children came into worship to be blessed for the new year.

This may seem like a minor event. There was little fanfare. No bright colors or "entertainment" but in that moment the congregation looks into the eyes of the kids here at St. Luke's and tells them that they are an important and vital part of the church. And a kid can never hear that too much!

Beginnings can seem overwhelming. School starts, and sports, and activities, and Sunday School and the kids get swept up in the newness of it all. The blessing on Sunday was a way to ground them in the importance of asking God to be with them in the new beginnings. A new school year has infinite possiblities, what better way to begin than to acknowledge the giver of those possiblities and ask God to be with us during the year.

We did this at church but it is easily done at home as well. Light a candle and take time as a famly to pray for the new year. Give your kids a chance to talk about their hopes and fears and give them up to God. Pray. The words aren't important. You can never get a prayer wrong. And if you are afraid of saying it out loud ask your child might hear a beautiful message yourself.

I love the opportunity of the new year and the excitement it brings. Thanks for being a part of it on Sunday. Did you feel the energy?

What is something you do as a family to mark the new school year? How do you ask God into this time in the lives of your kids?

(Did you miss Rally Day? Don't worry, you can still come to Sunday School. We always take registrations from new members and old.)

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